February 4 - four years ago today - is a significant date in the history of Cloudsmith. It was the day we moved into our first (tiny) office in Blick Shared Studios.

For a few months prior - Lee and I had been working out of our respective houses and meeting once or twice a week in the local coffee shop to catch up on progress. I desperately wanted back into an office environment; working from home just didn't suit me.

In January 2013, we started to look around for some inexpensive office space. Through a third-party we found out about Blick Studios - a shared office environment for creative types on the Malone Road. For those that don't know Belfast; the Malone Road is one of the most prestigious areas in Belfast City. It was a good price; heating, electricity and rates were all included and best of all it was walking distance from my house! We arranged to take residence on the first Monday in February; the fourth to be precise.

We would go on to stay 18+ months rearranging the desks to fit four people in. It became quite a squeeze; and the "Vulcan Shuffle" was created as you had to hug the walls to get around the desks!

A few pics showing our humble beginnings (Day One @ ~9:45am)

Alan's desk. Empty shelves.

Lee hard at work.

Coffee Station Alpha including the useless Verismo. We ended up just giving it away for free.

This is a few weeks later:

Cloudsmith powered by Starbucks.

Once we realised the Verismo just wasn't up to the task the daily trips to the local Bux started up again. (When working at NYSE, Lee & I used to go to Starbucks everyday... sometimes twice a day... and definitely any time the fire alarm went off!)